Sad, So Many Are Figuring It Out After They Took the Dodgy Vaxxines

Sad, So Many Are Figuring It Out After They Took the Dodgy Vaxxines

By Jamie McIntyre

Ever so slowly, more and more, are awake to the blindingly obvious.
It was always about control.If we were to remove from the death tolls of so called Covid , those that died with it( with a false PCR test kit) used by the way to say they had it ( with an independent autopsy, showing clear scientific proof, they died solely of Covid ) please take a guess at what the actual number would be ?Have you seen anyone drop dead in your street from Covid yet ?

I bet everyone knows someone who has died, or is sick from the Covid vaccines though.
For truth in news check out the Australian National Review
We don’t accept money from vaccine companies to disguise vaccine advertorials as news, like the conspiracy theory CNN, BBC, ABC, Channel 7,9,10 that sold everyone that Covid was a pandemic, and the next Spanish Flu
Sad so many are figuring it out after they took the dodgy vaccines, which now will likely kill most of them within 5-10 years, or render their life not worth living from chronic illness.

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